35th Season


British Invasion: America Strikes Back!British InvasionThis sequel to the immensely popular ‘British Invasion’ from STFs 2011 Season, this Rock Musical features music from American Rock Bands and Legends such as: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, The E-Street Band, CCR and many more!

JewelJewel2Written by Canadian playwright Joan MacLeod, Jewel is based on a real-life catastrophe—the sinking of the Ocean Ranger, an oilrig off the coast of Newfoundland on Valentine’s Day 1982. Three years later, a widow, Marjorie Clifford, at home in her trailer in Fort St. John, begins to take the first step in understanding that the humanity of love, in all of its tentative frailty, uncertainty and promise, can free a life paralyzed and dominated by loss.


Newfoundland SongbookNL SongbookThis Musical revue highlights the best of the best of Newfoundland Music and Artists.  This revue will celebrate the music of Joan Morrissey, Great Big Sea, The Wonderful Grand Band, The Ennis Sisters, Figgy Duff and so many other Newfoundland and Labrador artists that have made their mark on our musical culture.

Country Jubilee!Country Jubilee 3Inspired by Branson’s Country Jubilee, this show celebrates Country, Gospel and Bluegrass! COUNTRY JUBILEE will feature and highlight classic songs from this genre by artists such as: George Jones, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Johnny Cash, Alison Krauss and many more!


In Stitches!

220x150 berni13With Berni & Amy!
Stapleton and House blend over 30 years of their greatest comedic hits with bold new material in this outrageously funny, pointedly madcap and often surprisingly poignant theatrical offering.  Equally as well known apart as they are together, these iconic comediennes decided to celebrate having survived motherhood, single-hood, marriage-hood and nervous-breakdown-hood by reminding the universe that as long as we’re all more or less still alive and vanity stricken there’s a lot for which to be grateful. Berni & Amy each launched out of the Stephenville Theatre Festival almost 35 years ago to carve separate and compelling trajectories through the performing arts in Newfoundland and Labrador. Together they became audience favourites of Rising Tide’s annual ‘Revue’ and from there became household names with their ascerbic commentaries on CBC’s Here& Now and on CBC Radio’s Madly Off in All Directions. They created and starred in the national and international tour and TV adaptation of ‘A Tidy Package’. And they rocked the Hall with their comedy feast called ‘One Unforgettable Night With Two Unforgettable Dames’. Well, the Dames are now in full bloom of Diva-Hood and ready to rock and roll a little bit more in this exclusive summer tour, centering around where it all began: the wonderful, delightful and inspiring Stephenville Theatre Festival!




220x150 house

Daniel MacIvor’s “House” tells the story of Victor; a man in crisis who is eager to confess tales of his sordid history with the hope of achieving a more satisfying future. House blurs the boundaries between actor and audience in an unpredictable ride riddled with black humor and vivid storytelling.  Starring STF Alumni Mark Bradbury.








Evan Smith

220x150 evan2Evan is currently completing a Bachelor of Music in voice at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Audiences have enjoyed Evan in such shows as 2 Hands – 88 Keys, Canada Rocks, California Dreamin’, Woodstock, and British Invasion. Evan has served as Musical Director with STF since 2009.