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Stephenville Theatre Festival

Red Riding Hood

by Mike Kenny

Creative, interactive, and imaginative…Red Riding hood is a fun, funny and musical twist on the classic tale. Utilizing puppets, shadow play and song this presentation for our next generation of theatre goers is sure to inspire! Bridget and Stephen are on a sleepover at their grandmother’s house, but neither of them can sleep. So, to pass the time, they decide to act out their favorite story with things found around the attic and clothes from the wardrobe. Soon what’s real and what’s imagined blur, and the children find themselves in the deep dark woods with a wolf tracking them down.

“…a clear and comic telling of the story that the children will remember all their lives.” –The Stage, UK

“[Red Riding Hood] hits the note perfectly. The audience of small children seemed spellbound throughout. Even the eleven-year-old keeping this reviewer company was chortling at the jokes.” –Left Lion, UK


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